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6 Essential Questions to Ask Before Renting a Tent for Your Event

6 Questions to ask before renting a tent for a party.

Renting a tent for a party or event will protect your guests from the elements, improve the look of your party, and save you money. Just remember that there are several factors involved, and it’s important that you know what to ask the rental company to make sure that the tent matches your specific needs.


Which Types of Tents Are Available?

The first thing you want to ask a tent rental company is what types of tents they have available. In most cases, you’ll be choosing between frame tents, structure tents, and pole tents. A reputable rental company is likely to have plenty of each tent in stock, but you should definitely check to make sure. If in doubt, you may want to reserve the tent well in advance.


Which Type of Tent Is Best for My Event? 

You need to find out which type of tent is best for your event due to the type of surface it’ll be on. Certain tents can be staked into the ground, while others use heavy weights to keep them down. Another reason this is important is because specific tent designs may work better for your particular event. For example, you may want to rent a tent for your party that’s more open or enclosed.


What Size Tent Do I Need for the Event?

When it comes to tent size, you’ll have more than enough to choose from. You definitely don’t want your tent to be too big, because then you’d be wasting space. But a tent that’s too small will cause problems for your guests as well. If you don’t know the size you need, the party rental company will get some basic details from you, such as the number of guests, and help you figure it out.


Which Tent Accessories Are Available?

When you rent a tent for a party, there’s a good chance that you’ll need some tent accessories. Some types of tents allow you to add sidewalls and doors for privacy and appearance. Depending on the weather conditions, you may want to add cooling or heating equipment. These accessories will help keep your guests comfortable and happy.


When Do I Need to Make a Reservation?

You might also want to ask the tent rental company if you need to make a reservation. Even though they may have plenty of tents in stock, they could have a sudden influx of events that gets their stock running a bit low. Summer is a very popular time to rent a tent, so it’s often a good idea to sign up for one as far in advance as possible.


What Other Items Can Be Rented?

In addition to renting a tent for your party, there are plenty of other items that you can rent. Party rental companies will typically have tableschairs, dinnerware and glassware, linenscatering equipment, concessions, a dance floor, etc. If you’re having a fun summer party, you might also want to rent a bounce house for the kids. You can also rent some giant-sized games. Renting as much as you can in one place is a lot easier than purchasing or getting friends or family members to loan you various items.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals to Rent a Tent for Your Party

Elite Events & Rentals has tons of different items for rental. If you have any questions about renting a tent for your party or would like to make a reservation for event rental equipment in Tampa, reach out to us at (727) 791-7082 today.